Should I Make A No Makeup Day?

Should I Make A No Makeup Day?

Let’s make it with no makeup day 1

No makeup day means “make a day without any makeup”. Even if you use a foundation with less irritation, it will still put a strain on your skin. Sometimes it is necessary to leave your skin clear and rest.

However, it is not necessarily good for the skin because it is no makeup. V care is essential when going out during the day, as your skin is exposed to UV rays. If you go out of the day with your unprotected skin unnecessarily, your skin may be tattered by UV rays, so be careful.

Should I Make A No Makeup Day?

No makeup when spending at home

If you do not plan to go out during the day and spend a day at home, please make it a no-make-up day. A variety of problems are awaiting skin such as skin firmness, translucency, spots, and wrinkles. Get more about no-makeup day on

By relaxing the skin that is being stimulated on a daily basis , the 
next day’s skin condition will be changed, so let’s try to create a skin that will not suffer from trouble!

If you make the base with a silky cover oil block firmly, you can also take measures against ultraviolet rays.