Notes On Cleansing

Notes On Cleansing

One of the essential cares to keep your skin clean. Many people who are suffering from acne and rough skin have misunderstood this cleansing method!

Here are some points you should not cleanse.

Are you cleansing like this?

In the first place, it is not cleansing.

  • Cleansing with weak cleaning power is used.
Notes On Cleansing

Wipe type cleansing is used.

  • Oil cleansing containing surfactant is used.
  • Skin is rubbing against the skin.
  • We massage face with cleansing for more than 5 minutes.

The above is a cleansing method that is NG for people with acne skin. When choosing cleansing or doing cleansing, please keep the following three points in mind. Learn more to minimize surfactant interaction with skin through altering its solution properties.

” Can cleanly remove dirt” 
“Safe for sensitive skin “
” Does not irritate skin”