Garage Epoxy Floors By Southern Illinois Epoxy

Epoxy Garage floors have many positive attributes to them. First, they have great staying power. It is very hard to mess up an epoxy flake floor. These floors are durable and can last for a lifetime. I would not suggest that you ride over them with a snowmobile, but in general, oil spills, car traffic and basically anything will not mess these floors up if they are done correctly. Also, they are cost effective, easy to clean and look beautiful.

Jared Jones is the owner of Southern Illinois Epoxy has been doing coatings for over 15 years. Here is what Jared has to say about Epoxy Garage Floors in Southern Illinois “They have hit the market hard in the last 5 years. We love installing these garages because our customers are always so happy with the end result. We use a flake floor system that looks good and keeps well”

Here are some examples of Jareds recent work.

Important things to make beautiful skin

Important things to make beautiful skin

Enzymes are important for making beautiful skin

What I want to continue every morning is a skin beautifying method that consumes enzymes .

It is a 
recommended beauty method because it is a well-known beauty method for enzyme drinks and so on, and it can easily incorporate nutrients necessary for the body .

Enzymes promote metabolism and help burn fat, making it a 
popular diet method. 
It has a positive effect on the entire body and leads to improvement of skin quality.

Enzymes can be produced by our bodies, but with 
age, it becomes difficult for them to be produced, and they 
gradually fall into an enzyme-deficient state.

Ingesting enzymes 
requires eating raw foods such as fruits and vegetables .

, by incorporating a smoothie made with raw vegetables and fruits into the breakfast, it promotes the excretion action in line with the rhythm of the body 
and regulates the metabolism of the whole body.

In addition to dieting, you can expect skin beautifying effects by discharging unwanted toxins to the body 

Why don’t you try it in your daily breakfast?

Enzymes are very effective for beauty, and the skin texture is smooth and pores are not noticeable.

Let’s aim for the skin that does not need to use the silky cover oil block.

Notes on cleansing

 Notes on cleansing

One of the essential cares to keep your skin clean. 

Many people who are suffering from acne and rough skin 
have misunderstood this cleansing method 

Here are some points you should not cleanse.

Are you cleansing like this?

In the first place, it is not cleansing.

 ・ Cleansing with weak cleaning power is used.

-Wipe type cleansing is used.

 ・ Oil cleansing containing surfactant is used.

 ・ Skin is rubbing against the skin.

 ・ We massage face with cleansing for more than 5 minutes.

The above is a cleansing method that is NG for people with acne skin.

When choosing cleansing or doing cleansing, 
please keep the following three points in mind.

” Can cleanly remove dirt” 
“Safe for sensitive skin ” ” Does 
not irritate skin”

Should I make a no makeup day?

Should I make a no makeup day?

Let’s make it with no makeup day 1

No makeup day 
means “make a day without any makeup” .

Even if you use a foundation with less irritation, 
it will still put a strain on your skin.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave your skin clear and rest.

However, it is not necessarily good for the skin because it is no makeup. V care is essential 
when going out during the day, as your skin is exposed to UV rays

If you go out of the day with your unprotected skin unnecessarily 
, your skin may be tattered by UV rays, so be 

No makeup when spending at home

If you do not plan to go out during the day and spend a day at home, 
please make it a no-make-up day.

variety of problems are awaiting skin such as skin firmness, translucency, spots, and wrinkles .

relaxing the skin that is being stimulated on a daily basis , the 
next day’s skin condition will be changed, so let’s try to create a skin that will not suffer from 

If you make the base with a silky cover oil block firmly, you can also take measures against ultraviolet rays.

Will the freckles disappear with the silky cover oil block?

Does the silky cover oil block clean the stains?

I wasn’t particularly concerned about it 
, but when I looked into the mirror after removing my makeup, I found 
something like a spot on my cheeks!

I’m already in my thirties, 
so it may not be strange to come out soon 

From now on, I need to make sure that my stains are good. 
However, because of the personality, troublesome care does not go on easily, so 
I investigated the care that I can do.

Both freckles and freckles can be neatly hidden with a silky cover oil block .

Easy care for spots and freckles

Plenty of moisturizing

Drying is a great enemy of your skin. 
In particular, if the skin cells are broken by drying, it will  cause stains.It is important to moisturize the skin using plenty of lotion, without getting stingy .

UV care

UV rays are one of the causes of stains. 
No matter how much you care, it’s useless to reduce irritation, so it’s 
essential to reduce daily damage with UV cream .

Spot whitening

Because it is easy to feel the effect, it seems to be recommended for those who like me .

First of all, I will do my best with the goal of returning to the original skin.

Can I get beautiful skin on a diet?

Can I get beautiful skin on a diet?

There may be many people who do not continue to diet or can not start the action . 
Certainly, you can’t go on a diet in a day, and you 
need patience, continued exercise, and patience. 
But sooner or later you will always get results.

I also succeeded in losing about 10kg in half a year. 
If you watch the internet or TV, you can 
see the story of the weight loss of 20kg and 30kg .

When I was thin, I felt that if I did it, I would get results. 
If you continue every day without overdoing it, you can definitely lose weight. 
For that, let’s have a clear goal to lose weight. 
Then, take the daily scales if possible, Okima know the result 

By seeing the results, you can see the effect and encourage the diet. 
Also, if you can’t take action, 
please decide “Let’s do it today!” 
If you walk for 10 minutes, there will be an effect.

Let’s work hard.

If you lose weight with the correct diet method, your skin will be very clean. 
It is also good to aim for good skin that is not covered with a silky cover.

Let’s aim for beautiful bare skin that does not rely on makeup. Is there a 
free sample in the silky cover oil block ? I want to try it once.

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